Up for some fun

ding and want to keep it casual?

Most angel money comes from casual investors - and they hate decks! Your founderflix video is their Shark Tank style pitch.

Why pitch on founderflix

Your deck is boring

Video offers angels quick, convenient, and painless startup discovery, whilst meeting their potential investment.

Stand out from the crowd

Differentiate from the other startups raising right now through the power of video; your warm intro to our angels.

Pitching is tedious

Put an end to pitch fatigue with a one off, stress free video pitch to engage angles 24/7 so you can get on with it.

Cast a wider net

founderflix is a fresh and innovative way to reach out to more investors, you never know what doors may open.

Add “sizzle” to your steak

Investors get countless decks. They rarely see a compelling video that catches attention & inspires emotion.

Manufacture FOMO

Build interest and competition for your offer among investors to gain quicker investment at better terms.

Which pitch grabs you?

The one thing all investors most want to believe in is you, which is why they invest in entrepreneurs, not decks. Video, done right, transforms a cold faceless deck into a warm intro, leading to more investor meetings.

behind the scenes

Reference our help videos for tips and advice on making the most of your pitch shoot.

Once your booked in, we'll send you tutorials with tips and advice on making the most of your pitch shoot.

Uncomfortable being on camera?

Most of us hate pitching and feel awkward on camera. As bite-sized snippets however, videos on founderflix are simple to present. Therefore it’s far easier to deliver a winning performance.

You'll pitch your startup through these 8 topics in less than 15 seconds each.

Your elevator pitch
The problem being solved
Your solution to the problem
The business model
Your defensibility
The main weakness
Your business learnings
Why you will win

You're free to negotiate terms with angels, there's no finders or commission fees for either party. Meanwhile, we encourage you to download your elevator pitch video for your social media accounts. Add your video pitch QR code to your investor deck so any investor can meet the founders behind the deck.

Ready to roll ~ and raise?
Lights, camera, traction

*$349 pitch shoot and 12 months on the angel app
No commission or other hidden fees

frequently asked questions

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why should I choose founderflix over other capital raising sites?

In early stage funding, angels invest in people, not in ideas, products, financials, or decks. Unlike listing sites where you and your team might exist in a template as some text, numbers, photos, and your logo, buried within a stack of other templates, founderflix is the only capital raising community that empowers founders through video to physically pitch to angels as their personal introduction and first point of contact. On fund raising sites, startup listings often expire with nothing to show for it. At the very least, our founders receive a professional video of their elevator pitch, worth more than the booking fee alone.

why should I go to the effort of pitching on video when I can simply send around my investor deck?

As the information age decreases the general attention span to less than 10 seconds, video is the most powerful and effective method of communicating information we have. Video is the most persuasive type of content because the human brain requires emotional input to make decisions, and no technology is better at conveying emotion. 93% of communication is nonverbal so viewers will pick up on cues like body language, facial expressions, voice pitch, intonations and inflections. This can elicit an emotional bond that will influence a person’s choices or action. About 20% of people remember what they read. But conversely, 80% remember what they see. And when it comes to pitching for funding, popular reality television programs such as Shark Tank and Dragon's Den have proven how effective the format can be.

why don't founderflix angels have to sign my non-disclosure agreement?

For capital raising purposes, non-disclosure agreements are mostly prohibitive to growing a startup. Asking potential angels to sign one will often raise a red flag from the outset. The sheer number of startups that approach them for fundraising would make reviewing and complying with every agreement impractical. Apart from being time poor with no motivation for starting a business, it is never in an angel's best interests to disclose or duplicate a startup's ideas: the angel community is a well connected one, and they need to maintain their reputation and credibility to continue to receive investment opportunities. founderflix conducts due diligence on all of our angels to make sure they are legitimate and reputable.

how do I know my information is safe?

Nothing is more important to us than the trust of our community. The information submitted to us will be used primarily for the purpose of creating successful matches between entrepreneurs and angel investors. Any information received is necessary to provide a level of certainty of intent, and to maximise credibility. founderflix will never sell, share or rent your confidential information to any independent third parties without your prior consent. We emphatically value the trust of our founders and angels. We are committed to protecting your privacy and preserving your trust. founderflix.co and the founderflix app are served over ssl. Click here to view our privacy policy.

why is there no trial period or money back guarantee?

In order to produce your pitch video, we are required to pre-book non-refundable studio time and lock in a video producer in advance of your shoot. Therefore, refunds and trial periods are not possible with this premium service that founderflix provides. We do however offer a very cost effective production solution, and you can download your elevator pitch for other raising efforts if you so desire.

will I have wasted my time if I don't raise equity?

There are many benefits that can result from pitching on founderflix in addition to the end goal of raising equity. Firstly, you'll be refining, shortening, rehearsing, and memorising your pitch which is always good practice. You'll also be greatly improving your pitching and camera presentation skills with the help of our video tutorials. Then once live on the app, your pitch will be creating awareness and therefore startup traction amongst the angel community. Did you know that angels will often keep tabs on founders and their startup without touching base? Angel engagement can include establishing and building relationships for future equity rounds, plus receiving their validation and feedback. founderflix can also create a fear of missing out among angels and therefore deal urgency for investment if multiple angles are interested, resulting in more favourable terms for founders.

which payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit card and debit card transactions over the Stripe payment processing gateway so our servers don't handle or store your payment details.

what if i can't make my pitch shoot after booking in?

Non-refundable studio time is reserved and a video producer is contracted to produce your pitch, so please make sure you can attend the appointment before booking. We understand that sometimes complications can arrise at the last minute, so if you are unable to make it, please contact us asap on 0481 280 649 or at info@founderflix.app so we can try to reschedule your pitch shoot. A rebooking fee may apply.

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